Activities/Assignments for April 1st-2nd, 2020

Assignment for April 1st, 2020:

Complete the 3 music note puzzles and use the words you uncover in a sentence! Then, on the blank piece of staff paper, create a puzzle for the 4th grade! I will post some of the puzzles next week for us to try and decipher!

staff template


Activity for April 2nd, 2020: 

Create your own practice ukulele stick at home following this simple tutorial! What can the ukulele stick do? Well, it can help you practice where to place your fingers to create chords so that when you get a real ukulele you’re one step ahead of the game! I will be creating a new section under 4th grade music next week to show those that make their ukulele stick the first chord we will learn, and show you the strumming motion!

ukulele craft